Hey, everyone!
Several of us have been emailing over break, and I suggested we create a page so that everyone could see what everybody else is doing. Here it is--feel free to click on the link and add your scene. . . .the rules are:
1. Identify yourself at the beginning, so we have a person to put with the voice we are reading.
2. Edit only your own work. (Email others privately if you see a mistake they should fix.)
3. Tell us what you are doing, and feel free to ask questions. . . we'll just keep a running commentary of what's up. :-)

Ryan has been working on our Ghost Cadet page and is going to New Market Battlefield. I know Brennan and Drew had a sleepover (maybe 2), Nick started out his break at a friend's house, as his parents were out of town, Emma is in DC, Emily is in Florida, and I am at the lake. What's up with the rest of you, and those whom I have already named, please add details!

This is Nick.

I had a blast at my friend's house. We went to two birthday parties and played some video games. I can't wait to go back. My parents were at a wedding in Delaware. I wonder how the rest of you guys are doing. Talk to guys at school or just e-mail me.

This is Ryan.

I have been in town and I have been working on the Ghost Cadet page! My family and I are going to the New Market Battlefield, too! I wonder how your spring break is going. You can email me to tell me or just talk to me at school!

PW here. . .

Nick, which friend's house and whose birthday? Are you going to work on the Ghost Cadet page too?
Ryan, be sure to let your parents take you into the gift shop--there is a "Ghost Cadet kit" that is pretty cool--and only a couple of dollars--it includes a postcard of Wm Hugh McDowell, as well as some other stuff that somewhat connects with him. :-) Are you guys going to watch the movie while you're there? (and, tell Tyler hi for me!)

This is Emily...tired and wiped out

First of all I got stuck at an airport which was so not fun!!! Then when we finally got to my grandparents house in Port Charlotte, FL it was awesome. We went to the pool, the beach, and an adventure park. The beach, Siesta Key, is filled with white sand and clear water. At one of the private beaches, the sand was completely covered in shells. BIG BEAUTIFUL shells. It was the best! The adventure park was filled with shows and rides which was pretty cool. It was called Cypress Gardens. The only bad part of the vacation was the plane incident and the SUNBURN!!!!!!!

P.S It was about 87ºf there and on our way back to D.C on the plane we almost hit the Washington Monument with the wing.

This is Seamore!
I went to Washington DC and went to a lot of memorials and I got to ride a paddle boat for an hour. It took me a long time to see all the pictures we took. I learned about tangents, sines, and cosines. I had a pretty decent spring break. E-mail me to learn about tangents, sines, and cosines!

This is Jared!!!!!
My spring break was great! I drove to Richmond Zoo. It was fun. The ride there was boring because I completely forgot my DS Lite.I saw white tigers, lions, alligators,spider monkeys,bats and lots more. It was really weird that the peacocks were everywhere. They were in the monkey cage, the construction site and even the bear area!!!!!!!!!!! There was also a petting area where you can pet and feed deer and other farm animals. I also fed the the giraffes. It is kind of disgusting when it wraps it's black rough tongue around your hand and is slobbering saliva all over your fingers. That was on Thursday. On Saturday after my baseball team (the Yankees) was sadly crushed by the Orioles (Ryan's and Justin's team) 11-2, I went to a petting farm with my sisters (Paige, Sarah and Megan). My sisters rode and fed horses. I petted the baby camel and the albino wallaby. My spring break was awesome!!!!!!!!!!

PW here again. . .
Jared, sounds like you like animals. .. .having gone to two places the see them, your parents must support that passion of yours.
Emily I cannot imagine seeing the wing come that close to such a monument. . besides being scared of crashing,, the idea of being in the plane that destroyed such a national artifact would be entirely too weird for me! You label yourself as tired and wiped out but I sure couldn't tell that yesterday--you seemed your usual, peppy self! 87 degrees (how do you do the degree sign, Em?) sounds wonderful--the lake was in the 40s and 50s early in the week. . I wore long pants and sweaters/sweatshirts most of the time. Put shorts on ONE day! Not quite what I expect in April. . . .
Seamore, in what context were you working on sines and tangents?

This is Adeline
My spring break was fun but boring at the same time. We stayed at home part of the the time but we also went bowling and we did ceramics , but over all we had a fun spring break. I have been thinking about going to Florida for a wedding but does not look like that is going happen. Hope everyone had an awesome spring break! See you here at school.

This is Samantha
Over Spring Break we went to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It was also my B-Day on April 8th. In Myrtle Beach we went to the beach(it was cold!), played the classic Putt-Putt, went to the boardwalk, and played MagiQuest. We ate at two awesome places Jhonny Rockets and Senor Frogs. Well see you guys later!


Over spring Break we went to D.C. and saw congras. My mom got us a seat in the senet and we saw senetors debating. We also took a tore. Quick fact the statue of libirty can fit inside the dom of congras with out bending